ABS listed and certified Marine Battery Chargers that meet USCG requirements for megayacht and workboat fleets around the world.

The HQ Series offers a rugged battery charger and power supply all in one unit. Many government, military, homeland security, megayachts, and commercial marine vessels are required to meet ABS standards on all new construction over 150 gross tons and/or vessels over 90 meters. The HQ Series delivers full compliance for battery chargers. Models feature 120/240VAC input and 12VDC (25-105 amp) or 24VDC (15-65 amp) output. 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, made in the USA.

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  • Agency approvals: ABS listed and certified, meets USCG (10B) and ABYC (A-31) requirements
  • LED indicator pilot lamp
  • Quick disconnect on/off switch on front cover
  • Separate voltmeter and ammeter
  • Internal failure alarm (ready), customer to provide indicator
  • Multi-bank (3), multi-stage (bulk, absorption and float) battery charger
  • Ability to work as power supply
  • Voltage and current limiting ability
  • Thermal, over-current, ignition and reverse-polarity protected
  • Input and output fusing
  • Constructed with heavy-duty, corrosion resistant, UL recognized materials
  • Designed to run cool, quite and EMI/RFI interference free
  • Temperature compensation – built for optimal performance in a variety of ambient temperatures
  • AC input: 120VAC or 240VAC models
  • DC output: 12VDC/25-105 amp or 24VDC/15-65 amp
  • 50/60Hz for international and U.S. applications
  • Drip shield (necessary) included
  • ABS Type Approved
Amperage 120 VAC · 50/60 Hz 220 VAC · 50/60 Hz Dimensions Weight
12 Volt Models
25 9Q-12255HQ-A 9Q-12255HQI-A 8.125”x9”x4.75” 8 lbs.
35 9Q-12355HQ-A 9Q-12355HQI-A 8.125”x9”x4.75” 8 lbs.
45 9Q-12455HQ-A 9Q-12455HQI-A 13.25”x9”x4.75” 10 lbs.
55 9Q-12555HQ-A 9Q-12555HQI-A 15.25”x9”x4.75” 11 lbs.
65 9Q-12655HQ-A 9Q-12655HQI-A 21.5”x9”x4.75” 16 lbs.
85 9Q-12855HQ-A 9Q-12855HQI-A 21.5”x9”x4.75” 17 lbs.
105 9Q-121055HQ-A 9Q-121055HQI-A 21.5”x9”x4.75” 17 lbs.
24 Volt Models
15 9Q-24155HQ-A 8.125”x9”x3.75” 8 lbs.
25 9Q-24255HQ-A 9Q-24255HQI-A 13.25”x9”x3.75” 10 lbs.
35 9Q-24355HQ-A 9Q-24355HQI-A 15.25”x9”x3.75” 11 lbs.
45 9Q-24455HQ-A 9Q-24455HQI-A 15.25”x9”x3.75” 11 lbs.
55 9Q-24555HQ-A 9Q-24555HQI-A 21.5”x9”x4.75” 17 lbs.
65 9Q-24655HQ-A 9Q-24655HQI-A 21.5”x9”x4.75” 17 lbs.