The WorkWheel by Hung Shen is specifically designed for displacement vessels operating at less than 16 knots; such as tug boats, pushboats and a variety of utility vessels. They have a semi-elliptical blade outline with constant pitch and no skew. This provides excellent ahead thrust and maximum backing ability, The blade sections are standard ogival shapes with flat pressure faces allowing for easy measurement & repair.

The blades are extremely robust with generous edge and tip radii to avoid damage from debris. The 5-blade option provides additional blade area for high power, heavily loaded applications. Blade area can be adjusted as required for special applications. Anti-singing edges are standard on all 5-blade WorkWheels and an option on the 4-blade version.

The Industry STANDARD

When your livelihood depends on the gear you run, you can count on the quality, durability and value that’s crafted into every WorkWheel. This legendary prop has the following features:

  • Available in 3, 4 & 5-blade configurations
  • Available in Bronze, Ni-Al-Br and CF-3 Stainless Steel
  • DAR <60″: 4-blade is .70, 5-blade is .875
  • DAR >60″: 4-blade is .62, 5-blade is .775
  • Blade Thickness Fraction .048
  • Custom blade widths available

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