The 2544 Control Head consists of two 3-way directional control valves and an accurate, self-relieving pressure regulating valve. All valves are handle-cam actuated. With the handle in center position, both 3-way valve outputs are vented to atmosphere and the regulating valve output pressure is lowest. Movement of the handle through the first 20º in either direction actuates one of the 3-way valves, delivering full supply pressure to the chosen directional output. Handle output beyond 20º actuates the regulating valve, delivering its output according to handle position. The chosen directional output remains at full supply pressure from 10º to 80º of handle travel.

Weight: 9.1 lbs. (4.1 kg.)

Materials: Die-cast silicon bronze and stainless steel hardware.

Maximum Supply Pressure: 150 PSI (10.34 BAR)

Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC to +90ºC.

Pipe Port Size: 1/8” NPT


• Used primarily for the control of throttles or governors and reverse clutches by a single handle.

• For pneumatic control of two mechanisms, one directional and the other proportional, by a single handle.

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Model Designation Order Codes:

C – One short handle (standard)
D – One long handle
E – Spring return handle
V – Handle with plastic grip
H – Chrome finish dome
J – Polished brass finish dome and handle
K – Black epoxy finish dome and chrome handle
N – 0-60**
P – 0-80**
R – 0-100**
S – 0-120**
T – 10-60**
U – 10-80**
W – 10-100**
X – 10-120**

**Standard Pressure Ranges (PSI). Other Ranges Available on Request

The Standard Model 2544 Control Head is supplied as follows:

1. Short handle
2. Chrome finish cover and handle
3. In any standard pressure range

To order, state Model Number, followed by Model Designation Letter Codes listed above.

Example: Standard 2544 with 10-80 PSI pressure range. Order No. 2544-CHU.