• For engines up tot 1800 cubic inches.
• Pre-engaged operation.
• Integral lubricator, relay valve and muffler.

The StartMaster SM-250 air starters are widely used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles and equipment.

All models are “pre-engaged”: when the starter is activated, a small air servo signal engages the starter pin with the engine ring gear before the full thrust of air enters the starter motor. The unique design of the SM-250 series

features a choice of built-in lubricator, relay valve and/or muffler. This reduces the hose and fittings required by nearly 50 percent, saving installation time and cost, and decreasing the potential for leaks in the air system. Complete application kits, including air tank, brackets, hose, fittings and required accessories, are available for truck and bus installation.


• For engines up to 10,000 cubic inches.
• Inertia drive.
• Unique twin rotor design.

Designed for the large diesel engines used in application such as marine vessels, ore haulers and locomotives, the SM-500 starters deliver cranking power well in excess

of 60 hp. And 200 foot pounds of torque. The twin air motor design offers high efficiency, compact size and reduced weight.

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