Exceptional yachts require an extraordinary panel which incorporates all the aspects of the vessel’s electrical system. The ES-5 is such a panel. In addition to its large DC circuit capacity, the AC section includes two load groups and a source selector switch for two shore power lines and a 15kW generator. Pre-heat and start-stop controls are standard. Additional system capacity can be obtained by incorporating model ES-6 or ES-7 (listed on page 16). 20″ W x 15″ H x 6″ D, 20 Lbs. (50.8 X 38.1 X 15.2 cm, 9.1Kg.)

AC-DC Master Control

Locating all AC and DC functions on one panel provides a vessel with a central load distribution and monitoring center. Features common to all models include:

  • Complete metering of voltage and current on AC and DC systems. Back-lit analog meters are standard.
  • AC master breaker(s) with reverse polarity warning light.
  • Power “on” indicator lights on all circuits.
  • Four battery bank voltage test switch
  • Deluxe label set (LS-III) included, 206 functions.
  • Multiple position ground bus bar
  • Rating 115/230 VAC, 65 VDC
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ModelDC CircuitsAC Circuits
ES-316 Breaker capacity, 12 Installed standard; 2-5A, 3-10A, 4-15A, 3-20A or specifyMaster (D.P.) 30 amp standard 50 amp* optional, plus 6 S.P. branch capacity, 5 installed standard; 1-10A, 15A, 2-20A or specify
ES-420 Breaker capacity, 16 Installed standard; 3-5A, 3-10A, 5-15A, 5-20A or specifyMaster (D.P.) 50 amp* standard plus 8S.P. branch capacity, 6 installed standard; 1-10A, 3-15A, 2-20A or specify
ES-4SSSame as above with 7.5 kW, three position (Shore-Off-Gen) ship shore selector switch installed. Special Order Only.
ES-5Master plus 24 breaker capacity, 20 installed standard; 3-5A, 4-10A, 7-15A, 6-20A or specifyTwo load groups each consisting of: Master breaker (D.P.) 50 amp* standard plus 10 S.P. branch capacity, 8 installed standard; 3-15A, 3-20A or specify

*Note (For panels used in 230 VAC applications): 50 amp Master OK for use on 230 VAC line-to-line systems. Not for 230 VAC line-to-neutral systems.