A Complete Line of High Power DC-AC Inverters with Built-in Battery Chargers.

The circuitry of these Inverter/Chargers incorporates a technology which is field-proven and was carefully refined for years in both harsh industrial and sensitive utility applications. Now this rugged design is offered for marine applications where reliability and performance are paramount, and low noise operation has become a critical factor in the boat owner’s choice of power products While incorporating numerous important features these inverter/chargers are engineered with a high functionality approach that installers will appreciate. All connectors and mounts are heavy duty commercial grade.

Five models are available for use with 12 or 24 volt battery systems and provide continuous rated AC power ranging from 1800 to 4800 watts at 115 VAC-60 Hz.

Called the “Perfect Wave” Series, these inverter-chargers deliver pure, sinusoidal* AC for flawless operation of all appliances and sensitive electronics. They are ideal for entertainment systems and micro-processor-based equipment such as computers which are intolerant to AC wave distortion. All models incorporate a built-in automatic transfer switch which activates multi-stage battery charger for rapid and safe replenishment of the inverter battery bank whenever shore or generator AC power is available.

All models feature numerous circuit and safety protections, such as thermally controlled cooling fans, low voltage cutout, thermal and overload protection and ground fault interruption, and are housed in rugged powder coated aluminum cases suitable for permanent horizontal or bulkhead mounting. An optional remote indicator and control panel is available for all models.

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  • Rugged hostile environment-proven circuitry generates “Perfect Wave” AC for powering any appliance, from wattage-hungry refrigeration to highly input-sensitive computers, electronic controllers/processors.
  • Built-in high output charger for rapid battery bank replenishment— all models feature three stage, temperature compensated charger with output programmable for gel-cell, flooded lead-acid or AGM battery type, and amp-hour capacity selector for proper charging in various applications.
  • Internal charger is activated by an automatic transfer relay via remote sensor whenever external AC power is available. Optional Battery Integrator permits charging of multiple banks
  • Designed for maximum ease of installation and operation – installer and user-friendly. Large DC input terminal blocks and front panel GFCI protected outlet receptacles. AC output from the inverter may also be hard-wired.
  • All important aspects of inverter and charger operation clearly displayed with front panel status indicators-optional remote panel available.
  • Numerous safety and circuit protections: short circuit, overload, over-temperature, ground fault protection, output circuit breaker
  • Thermally controlled cooling fan prolongs life of components
  • Automatic low voltage shutdown circuit prevents damage to batteries due to over-discharge when using inverter function.
  • Heavy duty powder coated aluminum construction and polyurethane coated internal circuitry—built to last in the harsh marine environment.
  • UL listed with full two year warranty
Inverter output:12-1800IC12-2500IC12-3000IC*12-3000IC-DV*
VAC115V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.115/230V, 60 Hz.
Watts (Surge)4000550065006500
Watts (Cont.)1800250030003000
Wave TypePSQ.5PSPS
Inverter Input:
“Max Amps
Charger Input:”180250300300
VAC115V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.230V, 60 Hz.
Max Amps15152010
Charger output:
Typethree stagethree stagethree stagethree stage
Model Inverter Output:24-2200IC24-4800IC24-4800IC-DV*32-2400IC
VAC115V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.115/230V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.
Watts (Surge)650014,00014,0006500
Watts (Cont.)2200480048002400
Max Amps110240240100
Charger Input :
VAC115V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.230V, 60 Hz.115V, 60 Hz.
Max Amps15401515
Charger Output:
Max Amps@V40A@24V105A@24V105A@ 24V30A@32V
Typethree stagethree stagethree stagethree stage
Size ReferenceI-2I-3I-3I-2
Weight : Lbs./Ka.57/2695/4380/3759/27

Charger Characteristics

Three stage “smart charger”; programmable via selector switch for gel, flooded lead-acid or AGM battery type; temperature compensated. Output voltage temperature compensated via a provided battery temp sensor with 20’ cable.

Case Size References:
Wave Type:

PS = Pure Sine  QS = Quasi Sine

Operating Temperature (All models)

-11˚C to +40˚C (0˚F to 104˚F)

Inverter Regulation:

120 VAC RMS (110V-127V)

Protection Features (all models)
  • Automatic low battery shutdown
  • Output circuit breaker
  • Auto high temperature shutdown/recovery
  • Overload protection
Mechanical Features (all models)
  • Thermally controlled cooling fan
  • Dual GFCI protected duplex outlet
  • AC hard-wire (optional)
  • Powder coated aluminum case with shelf of bulkhead mounting flanges
  • Polyurethane coated printed circuit boards
  • Remote control and indicator panel; available with 25’ or 50’ of cable
  • Duplicates all status indicators found on unit front panel and allows remote ON/OFF capability
  • Battery Integrator, Models BI-100 and BI-24-100, enables charging of multiple isolated battery banks
  • AC and DC energy monitors
  • Inverter info center panel blanks
  • High current fuse assembly