Five styles of manual controls are constructed of all brass. O-ring seals prevent leakage around controls shaft.

1. Local Control. No pilot house controls. Searchlight has training handle on drum and hand clamps to lock searchlight in any position.

2. Lever-Gear Control. Operates conveniently with one hand. Horizontal movement controlled by pointing lever, vertical by twisting lever. Vertical lock conveniently located on control handle. Ceiling lock clamps horizontal movements.

3. Wheel Control. Upper wheel controls horizontal movements, lower wheel vertical movements. Friction brake holds searchlight in any vertical position. Ceiling lock clamps horizontal movements.

4. Lever Twist-Lock Control. Single lever controls all movements. Spring loaded friction brake holds searchlight in any vertical position which can be easily locked by twisting control handle. Ceiling lock clamps horizontal movements.

5. Distant Mechanical Control (DMC). Similar to lever-gear or wheel control except that control shafts are at right angle to searchlight base.

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Standard Base

Horizontal rotation in excess of 360° but limited by positive mechanical stops to prevent mechanical damage to cable by excessive rotation.

Pedestal Base

Horizontal rotation in excess of 360° but limited by positive mechanical stops to prevent mechanical damage to cable by excessive rotation.

Searchlight Model or Cat. No.Approx. Lbs.
ControlMogul BipostMogul PrefocusMogul ScrewMed. Prefocus2-Pin PrefocusNetShip
Distant Mechanical Lever-Gear19SL4590-LG19SL4590A-LG19SL4590B-LG19SL4590D-LG19SL4590E-LG85115
Distant Mechanical Lever-Gear19SL4590-W19SL1299AX19SL4590B-W19SL4590D-W19SL4590E-W85115
How To Order

Specify 19-inch incandescent searchlight with a. Base, b. Controls, c. Lampholder,  d. Catalog Numbers and describe Special Features e.

a. Bases

Standard Turntable
Pedestal Turntable

b. Controls

Lever Twist-Lock
Distant Mechanical Wheel
Distant Mechanical Lever-Gear

c. Lampholder

Mogul Bipost
Mogul Prefocus
Mogul Screw
Medium Prefocus
2-Pin Prefocus

d. Code or Cat. No.

Choose from Selection Table

e. Special features available at extra charge when specified on order.

Special control lengths. Longer or shorter than standard. Give dimension from bottom of base to center line of lever or large wheel. Order parts to anchor lower end of extra long lever-gear controls (Figs. 9A & 9B) by part no. and name and give dimensions A & B.

Special pedestal height. Higher or lower than standard. Specify height from bottom of base to center line of drum.

Special length electrical cable. Specify length from bottom of base to end of cable.

All Brass and Stainless Steel. Instead of Marine Aluminum.

Example. 19-inch Searchlight with Standard Base, Lever-Gear Control, Medium Prefocus Lampholder with Shock Mount Design, Catalog Number 19SL3794DX. Special control 32 inches from base to centerline of lever. Two lamps Code BTR.

Lamp CodeWattsVoltsBaseType*Rated Life (Hrs.)**Candlepower
BTM500120Medium PrefocusTungsten Halogen1002,971,000
CZX500120Medium PrefocusIncandescent252,200,000
BTP750120Medium PrefocusTungsten Halogen2003,981,000
DPJ750120Medium PrefocusIncandescent254,260,000
BVA9001202-Pin PrefocusTungsten Halogen754,600,000
BTR1000120Medium PrefocusTungsten Halogen2504,300,000
DRS1000120Medium PrefocusIncandescent254,410,000
DWK1000230Medium PrefocusIncandescent501,600,000
FKN1000230Medium PrefocusTungsten Halogen2001,800,000
BVV1000120Mogul PrefocusTungsten Halogen2504,300,000
DRW1000120Mogul ScrewIncandescent254,410,000
IM/T20BP1000120Mogul BipostAero5002,381,000
CWZ1500120Mogul PrefocusTungsten Halogen3253,614,000
CXZ1500120Mogul BipostTungsten Halogen3253,614,000
***BVW2000120Mogul PrefocusTungsten Halogen3003,000,000

* These lamp manufacturer’s figures are relative only. Individual lamps may vary considerably.
** These figures provided to aid in lamp selection.
*** Intermittent use only.

Description & Part No.
Brush, witH pigtail EF176
Cover, Protective 3L3322C
Cover Glass EF239
Gasket, Standard and Ped Base SL3356
Gasket, Standard Turntable Base 4093B
Gasket, Pedestal Turntable Base 4093C
Lampholder, Medium Prefocus with Special Shock Mount 7540X
Lampholder, Mogul Bipost FE132X
Lampholder, Mogul Prefocus SL978
Lampholder,r Mogul Screw SL96
Lampholder, 2-Pin Prefocus 8704
Louver Assy 9656X
Reflector EF240