Fixed HL/OF Alarm Panel

TIMCO BargePlus Fixed HL/OF Alarm Panel  

  • The Timco High Level/Overfill Alarm Annunciator Panel satisfies 46CFR 39.20 9 (a) when connected to Timco LFA-S or similar HL/OF Level Sensors having NC switches. The installation must conform to 46 CFR 111.105  The BargePlus HL/OF Alarm Panel is USCG Accepted and satisfies OPA-90 requirements for overfill protection on all Tank Barges.
  • BargePlus Alarm Systems are Rugged, Weatherproof of Simple Design and are manufactured to purpose, with all components being NEMA, UL, FM and CSA listed. Each Alarm Panel undergoes complete operational testing and 100% Final Inspection before shipment.
  • Alarm conditions easily can be seen and heard. The exclusive BargePlus A/V Mast has an Round Amber High Level Strobe Light with 115db alternating tone and a Round Red Overfill Strobe light with 115db steady alarm tone. Two bi-directional horns are used to insure 360 degree sound dispersion on deck to further assure the Tankermen immediately respond to alarm conditions. The exclusive Timco A/V mast can raise from a retracted H of 33” to a height of 53” without tools in less than 30 seconds. The mast can be easily retracted should low deck clearance be necessary.
  • Package Integration and compact modular design means simplified lower installation cost as the system weighs less than 150LBS without batteries and is only 33”H. The system is fully assembled wired and tested and can be lifted by overhead crane, fork lift or two men as a package without separate parts to complicate the installation process. The solar cell, charge regulator, safeties, batteries, electronics and A/V Mast are all pre-wired. No need for a separate Alarm Junction Box as it is in the electronics panel.
  • Reliability is Built Into every BargePlus Level Alarm System.  Robust components are powered by a C1D2 90W Premium Solar Cell with Prostar Solar Charge Controller maintaining two Deka 108AH AGM batteries. The oversized power supply mean long trouble free battery life as the batteries never see a detrimental Depth of Discharge. Typical system voltage of 25.4VDC insures long electronic component life as the system components are not overheated by high amperage caused by low voltage. This robust BargePlus power system resolves the NUMBER One complaint with existing systems currently in use, which is battery life and battery reliability and harm to system components caused by low voltage operation.
  • Should physical damage occur to the BargePlus system rendering it inoperative, there is a System Emergency Bypass Toggle Switch that can be operated allowing the Fixed System to be bypassed with all Level sensors being connected in series to the Barge to Dock Connection for Dock HL/OF Alarm monitoring.
  • Tandem barge Loading switching is an option.
  • Modular Design means BargePlus can easy do more than provide High Level and Overfill alarms. Telemetric GPS Tracking, Data Logging, Cargo Temperatures, Pressures or Vacuums, Pump and pump drive information, inertial collision alarm, fuel and cargo levels are on the menu for you to consider in the management of your cargo and equipment. Just ask, and we will focus on solutions to your needs.

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