S 1000 / 3500 / 7000 / 10500 / 16000 / 23000 / 31000 / 41000 / 52000 / 68000 / 83000

The S 52000, S 68000 and S 83000 are supplied with double row cylindrical roller bearings.


High Quality
Jeamar steel sheaves are manufactured from the highest-quality, fine-grain steel, ensuring uniformity of material, consistent high quality and greater strength.The innovative, cold-rolled forming process ensures an ideal groove profile. The inherent elasticity and resilience of steel makes for a tougher sheave to meet the most demanding applications.

Work Hardened
Work hardening of the rope groove takes place during the forming process, which substantially increases the life of the sheave. The high-quality finish of the rope groove ensures minimum wear and abrasion between the rope and sheave, adding considerably to the rope life.

High Strength And Low Weight
The strength of the steel used considerably exceeds that of cast iron. Steel also has a weight-saving advantage of up to 50 percent over cast iron, resulting in easier handling and installation.

Exceptional Arc of Support
Jeamar steel sheaves are designed with a minimum arc of support for the rope of 125 degrees, ensuring that the rope cross sectional shape is maintained under normal load conditions. In turn, this increases rope life by minimizing internal rope flexing and increases sheave life by reducing gouging. Note: It is essential that the correct size of sheave be used for the rope. For instance, a 1/2 in. diameter rope should be used with a sheave that has a 1/2 in. groove radius, to achieve optimum conditions.

High Sheave-to-Rope Ratio
Jeamar sheaves have a minimum sheave-to-rope ratio of 15:1. This ensures a large radius for the rope to bend around, which in turn decreases flexing of the rope and substantially increases rope life.

High Efficiency Ball or Roller Bearings
Jeamar steel sheaves incorporate either ball or taper roller bearings for maximum efficiency, reduced friction, smooth motion, long life and high speed.

Lifetime Lubrication
The ball and roller bearings are sealed and lifetime lubricated for long life and minimum maintenance costs.