ModelPart No.Old Part No.Description
LM1R431007529P -090008-00001Unit less shaft brake control
LM2R431007528P -090008-00000Unit with shaft brake control signal
R431006452P -064517-00000Maintenance kit for R431007529 (Old Part No. P -090008-00001)
R431006454P -064518-00000Maintenance kit for R431007528-090008-00000)

Weight: 31 lbs. (14.1 kg.)


LOGICMASTER® Hydraulic Clutch Control systems are specifically designed for the hydraulic clutch type of marine reverse gears and include these service proven interlocks and features:

POWER BOOST… Advances governor
setting during clutch engagement to provide increased engine torque and prevent stalling as the propeller load is applied. On completion of clutch engagement, the boost drops off and the governor is positioned to the setting called for by the pilothouse control lever. Governor power boost can be adjusted for desired magnitude and duration.

CLUTCH PRESSURE-THROTTLE CONTROL INTERLOCK… Monitors the buildup of hydraulic pressure in the clutch during engagement. Clutch pressure must reach preset engagement level before engine speed can be advanced from the remote control station to prevent high engine speed during dutch engagement and resultant clutch wear. This feature also protects the reverse gear if clutch pressure drops during operation. Loss of clutch pressure releases the interlock and engine speed is reduced to idle, preventing clutch damage.

TIMED REVERSING INTERLOCK Holds the clutch control in neutral position for a preset time on reversals even though the remote control lever is shifted directly through neutral. This allows engine and propeller speeds to decrease to an acceptable level before reversal is initiated. When a shaft
brake is used, the neutral timing is long enough for the brake to apply and stop the propeller before reversing. Timing is adjustable.

CLUTCH PRESSURE-SHAFT BRAKE INTERLOCK… Prevents the shaft brake from being applied when either clutch is engaged. As the clutch pressure is applied, the shaft brake control valve is actuated to release the brake. This clutch pressure interlock prevents simultaneous engagement of the clutch and brake.

Port Numbers

1A – Ahead Out
1C – Ahead In
3A – Astern Out
3C – Astern In
8A – Speed Out
8C – Speed In
GP – Gear Pressure
GT – Hydraulic Safety Return
BR – Shaft Brake Signal
SUP – Supply