The Model 7171 is manufactured in all bronze and stainless steel, and is suited for installation anywhere on the ship. Its watertight construction will not allow seaspray to enter the unit.

This control device is a full follow-up rudder control. It is equipped with a detent in mid-handle position; the straight-ahead position. Moving the control lever to either port or starboard will cause the rudder to follow proportionately. In order to complete a system of this nature, a feedback device connected with a link to the rudder stock, such as our Model 7174, and an electronic interface will then give the operator complete control over the rudder. This is possible at all times since the control lever and the 7171 correspond with the rudder position.

The 7171 is available with 2 Microswitches (1 per side), 2 Potentiometers and 2 Trim Pots. The 7171 is also available as a Jog Lever with 2 Microswitches per side.

Ordering Information

A 2 switches & 1 potentiometer
B 2 switches & 2 potentiometers
G 4 switches
P 1 potentiometer

OHMS rating for potentiometer must be specified when ordering. A trim pot will be supplied with each potentiometer.