ELECTRICAL PANEL ACCESSORIES – High Current Fuses/ Fuseblocks

Essential safety item for all inverter installations and other high amperage DC circuit over-current protection.

  • Heavy duty 500 amp, insulated, compact fuse block with corrosion-resistant 5/16” studs
  • Secures to surface with two #10 flat head screws or bolts (not included)
  • Clear lexan cover insulates conductive parts, per ABYC/USCG requirements
  • Accepts industry standard ANL tin-plated copper fuses. Purchase separately.
  • See-through mica element for easy identification of blown fuse

Fuseblock Model: AFB-500

Fuse Models (numeral indicates amperage): ANL-50, ANL-100, ANL-150, ANL-200, ANL-250, ANL-300, ANL-350, ANL-400, ANL-500 (All rated to 80 VDC)

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