Searchlight Intensity. The beam of light is produced by a xenon arc lamp with a color temperature of 6000 degrees Kelvin and is rated at 45 Million Candle Power.

Lamp. Xenon-arc, 1500 hour average life, warranted for 1500 hours. Warranted hourly lamp cost is considerably less than non-warranted hourly carbon cost and non-warranted hourly cost of many incandescent lamps.

Adjustable Beam Size. The horizontally mounted lamp combined with the deep parabolic metal reflector gives the capability of changing from the most concentrated intense beam for long reaches to a much larger beam for lighting large areas at closer range. Beam size can be adjusted manually at the searchlight or electrically from a remote control station as an optional feature.

Reflector. Precision, parabolic, constructed of virtually indestructible nickel with corrosion resistant rhodium finish. Short focal length deep parabola captures a higher percentage of total light from the lamp than do most conventional reflectors thus producing a remarkably intense beam.

Cover Glass. Extremely strong impact and thermal shock resistant heat tempered clear glass.

Starter. Simple, reliable, and compact. Produces the high voltage necessary to start the lamp instantly. It is readily accessible and replaceable as a single unit.

Bases. Standard and pedestal for manual control. Motorized base for distant electric control (DEC) can be controlled from one or more remote stations. All are constructed of high strength corrosion resistant aluminum and contain a sliding stop allowing horizontal rotations in excess of 360 degrees without damaging the electric cables.

Drum. Constructed of marine grade corrosion resistant material with a hinged front door for easy lamp replacement. Rear dome is removable for ease in servicing.

Finish. Drum interior finished with heat resistant flat black paint. Exterior surfaces are white enamel and mechanical control shafts inside pilot house are polished brass. The control parts that are normally polished can be chrome plated (see optional features).

Wiring. Three conductor (one ground) power cable and multiconductor control cables extend through watertight stuffing tubes in drum and are clamped to rotating base. Sufficient length is supplied to terminate in a junction box (not supplied) near the searchlight without causing mechanical stress when searchlight is moved through its entire horizontal and vertical travel.

Electrical. A power supply to produce the required ballasted DC for the searchlight, control station, and DEC components are required.

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Control Station

4441X (without remote focus)
4441X-RF (with remote focus)

For manual control searchlights.

Contains searchlight off-start switch, standby switch, and remote focus switch (if specified). Mounted on bright stainless steel plate 3.12” x 5.62” (79 x 143).

Depth clearance 2.5” (64).

Net weight 1.00 lb. (0.40 kg).

Optional enclosure for Control Stations
Used forDimensions inch (mm)
5079A4441X3.25 (83)5.75 (146)2.75 (70)
5288C53886.00 (152)8.00 (203)3.50 (89)
98244799X6.00 (152)6.00 (152)4.00 (102)
8672X (without speed control)
8672XS (with speed control)

Used when DEC searchlights are controlled from more than one remote
location. Only one required per searchlight regardless of quantity of 4799X
type control stations used. Steel oiltight enclosure contains rectifier, relays,
fuses, etc. In addition 8672XS contains
beam speed control devices with external
adjustment to preset the slow speed.
Enclosure size 12 x 10 x 5” (305 x 254 x
127 mm). Net weight 19.4 lb (8.80 kg).

Distant Electric Control Station

Two types: 1) when searchlight is controlled from one location only and 2) when searchlight is controlled from more than one location. In each the basic station is a compact unit incorporating OFF-ON switch, UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT joystick controller, and STANDBY-OFF switch. Operator can change searchlight aim with beam off when switch is on “Standby.”

Optional controls are: 1) Remote Focus to change beam size and 2) Speed Control to change speed of beam travel. Remote focus requires searchlight also to be equipped with remote focus option. Speed control requires no additional feature in searchlight.

Table I Single Station ControlsTable II Multiple Station Controls
Part No.OptionsDimensions Inch (mm)Depth Inch (mm)Weight Lb. (kg)Part No.OptionsDimensions Inch (mm)Depth Inch (mm)Weight Lb (kg)
Single Station ControlRmte FocusSpeed ControlABMultiple Control StationCompatible Control AssemblyRmte FocusSpeed ControlAB
C5388NoNo6 (152)8 (203)3.5 (89)4.8 (2.18)4799X8627XNoNo6 (152)6 (152)3.12 (79)2.5 (1.14)
C5388-RFYesNo6 (152)8 (203)3.5 (89)4.8 (2.18)4799-RF8627XYesNo6 (152)6 (152)3.12 (79)2.5 (1.14)
C5388- RFSYesYes6 (152)8 (203)3.5 (89)4.8 (2.18)4799-RFS8627XSYesYes6 (152)6 (152)3.12 (79)5.0 (2.27)
How to Order Searchlight Systems

A minimum of 3 components must be specified separately to order a complete searchlight system: 1) searchlight (including suffix for optional feature(s)), 2) power supply and at least one operator’s control station. Distant electric control searchlights to be controlled from more than one remote locations also require one 8672X type control assembly.

Example of manual control searchlight order:

2 X9396LG-CCRF 500W xenon searchlight, standard base, with remote focus and chrome plated lever-gear controls 46 inches longer than standard, arranged per dimension fig. 5A, complete with 5589 stem and SL3000 bearing.

2 4198PS 500W xenon power supply.

2 4441X-RF control station with remote focus.

Example of order for DEC system:

2 X9398-HRF 500W xenon searchlight, DEC, with anti-ice heaters and remote focus.

2 4198PS 500W xenon power supply.

2 8672XS control assembly with speed control.

3 4799X-RFS control station for multiple control of DEC xenon searchlight with remote focus and speed control.

Other Accessories & Parts
DescriptionPart No.DescriptionPart No.DescriptionPart No.
Capacitor starter2896Cover GlassSL1085Lamp1000TRC
Capacitor power4404XFan4434XReflector9719X
Capacitor power4405Gasket std & ped baseSL3356Starter Assembly4636X

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