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  • This deck box is a watertight operator designed to provide a flush mounted point of operation for valves through floors, walls, bulkheads and decks.
  • The indicator mechanism is protected from the environment even with the cover removed.
  • Multi-Turn w/ Turn-Specific Indication (40 turn max.), 360˚ or 90° Open/Closed indication is available.
  • Both weld-in and bolt-on models are offered (bolt-on flange is supplied unattached for easy adaptation to specific conditions).
  • A locking device is available which can make the deck box tamper proof.
Multi-Turn Part No.†360 Ind. Part No.90° Ind. Part No.Weld Type SizeABCDEFG
VCDB-1110VCDB-3110VCDB-51105/8” Rod5.723.384.882.25.621.31
VCDB-1200VCDB-3200VCDB-52003/4” Rod5.723.384.882.25.751.50
VCDB-1300VCDB-3300VCDB-53001” Rod5.723.384.882.251.001.50
VCDB-1400VCDB-3400VCDB-54001-1/4” Rod5.723.384.882.251.251.88
VCDB-2110VCDB-4110VCDB-61105/8” Rod5.723.384.882.25.621.317.25
VCDB-2200VCDB-4200VCDB-62003/4” Rod5.723.384.882.25.751.507.25
VCDB-2300VCDB-4300VCDB-63001” Rod5.723.384.882.251.001.507.25
VCDB-2400VCDB-4400VCDB-64001-1/4” Rod5.723.384.882.251.251.887.25