SSM/SSV Series Alarm Bells

System Sensor’s SSM and SSV series alarm bells are low current, high decibel notification appliances for use in fire and burglary systems or other signaling applications.


  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low current drawHigh dB output
  • Available in six-inch, eight-inch, and ten-inch sizes
  • AC and DC models
  • DC models polarized for use with supervision circuitry
  • Mount directly to standard four-inch square electrical box indoors
  • SSM and SSV series come pre-wired

Model No.  SSM24-6 / SSM24-8 / SSM24-10 / SSV120-6 / SSV120-8 / SSV120-10

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The SSM and SSV series provide loud resonant tones. The SSM series operates on 24VDC and are motor driven, while the SSV series operates on 120VAC utilizing a vibrating mechanism.

For indoor use, the SSM and SSV series mount to a standard four-inch square electrical box. For outdoor applications, weatherproof back box, model number WBB, is used.

The SSM and SSV series come pre-wired, to reduce installation time. The SSM series incorporates a polarized electrical design for use with supervision circuitry.


Architectural/Engineering Specifications

Model shall be a SSM or SSV Series alarm bell. Bells shall have underdome strikers and operating mechanisms. Gongs on said bells shall be no smaller than nominal 6″/8″/10″ (specify size) with an operating voltage of 24VDC or 120VAC (specify by part number). Bells shall be suitable for surface or semi-flush mounting. Outdoor surface mounted installations shall be weatherproof (using optional WBB weatherproof electrical box). Otherwise bells shall mount to a standard 4″ square electrical box having a maximum projection of 2 1⁄2″. Bells shall be located as shown on the drawings or as determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Bells shall be listed for indoor/outdoor use by Underwriters Laboratories and the California State Fire Marshal, and approved by Factory Mutual and MEA.

Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range–31°F to 140°F
Operating VoltageSSM series: 24 VDC
SSV series: 120 VAC
TerminationProvided with 2 sets of leads for in/out wiring
Service UseFire Alarm, General Signaling, Burglar Alarm
Warranty3 years

Electrical Specifications

ModelGong Diameter (inches)Nominal VoltageOperating Voltage LimitMaximum CurrentSound Output (dBA)
SSM24-66Regulated 24VDC16 to 33VDCDC-31.1mA / FWR-53.5mA82
SSM24-88Regulated 24VDC16 to 33VDCDC-31.1mA / FWR-53.5mA80
SSM24-1010Regulated 24VDC16 to 33VDCDC-31.1mA / FWR-53.5mA81
SSV120-66Regulated 120VAC96 to 132VAC53mA85
SSV120-88Regulated 120VAC96 to 132VAC53mA82
SSV120-1010Regulated 120VAC96 to 132VAC53mA82

*Sound output measured at Underwriter Laboratories, as specified in UL464

Ordering Information

UL/FM Model No.ULC/Canadian Model No.Description
SSM24-6SSM24-6ABell, 6″, 24VDC, Polarized, 82dBA
SSM24-8SSM24-8ABell, 8″, 24VDC, Polarized, 80dBA
SSM24-10SSM24-10ABell, 10″, 24VDC, Polarized, 81dBA
SSV120-6SSV120-6ABell, 6″, 120VAC, 85dBA
SSV120-8SSV120-8ABell, 8″, 120VAC, 82dBA
SSV120-10SSV120-10ABell, 10″, 120VAC, 82dBA
WBBWeatherproof back box for SSM and SSV series, when installed outdoors