Whistles are of cast bronze construction with one piece polished brass bell. Chrome plating available at additional cost.

Installation – For best results whistle must be installed as high as practical

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Figure No.Dimensions
AirSteamABCDC.F.S. Air Consumption At 100 P.S.I.Net Weight Less Valve
115 AMP115 SMP1/4”1” 2 1/8”4 1/2”0.933/4 lb.
116 AMP116 SMP3/8”1 1/2” 4 3/4”9”1.372 3/4 lbs.
117 AMP117 SMP1/2”2” 5 7/8”11 1/4”4.183 1/2 lbs.
118AMP118 SMP3/4”2 1/2” 6 3/4”12 1/4”3.654 1/2 lbs.
119AMP119 SMP3/4”3” 7 3/4”13”4.588 1/2 lbs.
* 120AMP* 120 SMP1”4” 12”17 3/4”7.0318 1/2 lbs.
121 AMP121 SMP1 1/4”5” 14”20”10.7529 lbs.
122AMP122 SMP1 1/2”6” 18”25”13.9838 lbs.

Larger size whistles available on request.

Code: A – Air, C – Chimetone, M – Monotone, P – Plain, S – Steam
* Chimetone unless otherwise specified.

Note: Pipe sizes shown in table are standard. Whistles ordered not to standard will have suitable adapter installed.

FIG. V-100
Pneumatic Switch

This simple pneumatic pressure switch placed in the air line between whistle valve and AIRHORN is an economical means for actuating a whistle light whenever the AIRHORN blows. Weight, 1/2 lb.

This KAHLENBERG AIR STRAINER is also a moisture trap, and is used between air supply and whistle valve to catch dirt, chips, oil and water from the air line. Solid cast bronze.

Fig. M-100, 1/2” NPT, 3 Lbs.

Fig. M-101, 1/2” NPT, 3 Lbs.

FIGS. V-11A TO V-15A

Screwed thread type bronze manual whistle valve with renewable disc suitable for 250 psi air pressure. Valve has packed stem. Available in full chrome plate.


Fig. V-11A, 1/4” NPT, Net Wt., 1/2 Lb.
Fig. V-12A, 3/8” NPT, Net Wt., 1 Lb.
Fig. V-13A, 1/2” NPT, Net Wt., 1-1/2 Lb.
Fig. V-14A, 3/4” NPT, Net Wt., 2-1/2 Lbs.
Fig V-15A, 1” NPT, Net Wt., 3-1/4 Lbs.

FIG. M-200
Whistle Pull

Polished bronze whistle pull with internal spring return suitable for mounting on bulkhead or pilothouse ceiling. Can be furnished in full chrome plate. Net weight 4 lbs.

FIGS. V-150, 3/8” N.P.T. Solenoid
FIGS. V-151, 1/2” N.P.T. Solenoid

The V-70 and V-130 series vertical solenoids are low cost units with screwed threads for use where valve is installed in a protected location. The V-70 to V-74 except that a manual operating lever is added for emergency manual control. The units with letter “E”, added to Figure No. indicate a water, weather and explosion proof unit. These valves have moisture resistant solenoid coil, stainless pilot, renewable piston valve and disc, and all bronze body. Sized are 3/8” to 1 ?” NPT in standard voltages, suitable for pressures to 300 PSI. Brass finish or full chrome plate. Weights 5 to 11 lbs. depending on size.