A 3-layer modular system that combines the protection of an immersion suit with the mobility and durability of a work suit. The layers are integrated into one unit to provide optimal protection and offer convenient repair or replace-ment of parts. Patented Closed Comfort System (CCS™) adjustable neck seal can be worn loose to provide comfort out of the water and can be drawn tight to keep the water out.


• Breathable inner liner provides thermal protection and flotation using ultra soft closed cell foam
• Immersion module uses GORE-TEX® waterproof breathable fabric
• Outer shell protects against normal wear and tear and is reinforced on the seat and knees for increased abrasion resistance
• Trim to fit neoprene wrist seals and removable internal suspenders allow users to customize the suit to their exact needs
• Wide leg construction and side zippers accommodate a 16″ boot and makes the suit even easier to don
• Included closed-eel I neoprene survival hood provides thermal protection in extreme cold weather environments and includes Velcro® for light attachment
• Thigh and chest pockets as well as calf pocket for survival hood
• Waterproof male/female relief zipper
• Inflatable head pillow for additional buoyancy
• 62 sq. in. SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility
• Special operations version in all black available as a special order






Immersed Clo O.74

 PATENTS US Patent no. 5,267,519 & 6,668,386
CDN Patent no. 2,082,793 & 2,381,720


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