Rugged hermetically sealed buoy lights for both channel marking and obstructions. Standard lights use six – NEDA920 batteries, supplied. These units are made with single lamp and with automatic spare lamps. They turn off in the daytime automatically and come in standard flash rates of 15, 30, and 60 flashes per minute. Every unit is supplied with tamper proof locking bolts. Low intensity has range of 1 – 2 miles and high intensity 2 – 5 miles.

Housing: Polycarbonate Lens: Polycarbonate
Batteries: Rechargeable Range: 1-1/2 miles

The Lamp Assembly on these Buoy Lights are guaranteed 3 Years!

Colors Available for Buoy Lights: Red, Amber, Green, Clear, Blue
Flashrates Available: For Red, Amber, Green, & Clear: 10, 15, 24, 30 FPM. For Red & Amber: 60 FPM


Uses 6 volt lantern pin plug battery: 1 year on set of 6 pin plug 2744N batteries | 2 years on Alkaline Pack
Steady state drain – .18 amp hours per night based on 10 hour night

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As shown, this unit is a six battery standard type.


As shown, in a single battery unit with a built in mercury switch. Self floating – needs no buoy and has a stainless steel eye bolt on the bottom for tying to nets. Automatic day switch. Has a standard flash rate of 30 FPM and uses one six volt NEDA 920 battery.


This is a self contained marker light. Available in flashing or steady modes. Willoperate for three months on one alkaline six volt spring battery NEDA 908A.

NOTE: When ordering Buoy Lights: Rate, Color and Intensity (low – high) must be specified.

1949 – Lamp
1317 – Lamp
1850 – Lamp
SB – Spare Bulb
L.E.D – Light Emitting Diodes

Spare Bulb System, upon primary lamp failure, automatically switches to backup lamp.

**Also these are now available in L.E.D. Lamps.

Colors available RED, GREEN, BLUE, & AMBER