Stuffing Box and Valve Position Indicator

Reach Rod Stuffing Box is completely constructed of 300 series stainless steel. Produced on computer controlled machines to accurately control dimensional quality, the body of the stuffing box is a massive 5” diameter to prevent deformation of the bore from the heat of welding during installation.

Die cut Teflon™ Packing Rings are designed to fit perfectly in each size Stuffing Box forming an effective vapor tight seal preventing fugitive emissions. The “T” shaped gland draws downward to lightly compress the Teflon™ packing. Two Teflon™ coated Steel nuts maintain the glands compression setting on the packing. A grease fitting on the gland allows the introduction of grease between the reach rod and the bore of the gland. Grease lubrication lubricates while further reducing fugitive emissions. For best long term performance the reach rod should be stainless steel. In any case the reach rods surface must be smooth.

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Made in the USA.