SS Flame Screens

Flame Screens are in full compliance with U.S. Coast Guard Regulations 46 CFR part 39, paragraph 39.20-3(a) and are suitable for use on ABS classed vessels. Our Flame Screens are made from 30 X 30 316SS mesh to provide the optimum resistance to flame propagation while still allowing the tank to breathe.

The outer rings are cut by computer controlled lasers from stainless steel sheets, yielding Flame Screens of the correct O.D. that fit snugly in the ullage hatch bore as required. A stainless steel low profile handle is welded to each Flame Screen for ease in removal and handling. Our Flame Screens are spot-welded for strength.

When ordering, please specify the O.D. you require. In addition to Flame Screens, we can provide wire 30 X 30 316SS mesh in 36” wide rolls.

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