This Jog Lever is used in power hydraulic steering systems. The operator can maneuver the boat by simply jogging the lever for port or starboard movement. The unit is operated by two internal microswitches. Its watertight construction in bronze and stainless steel will ensure years of trouble free operation. The Jog Lever will override the steering wheel, however it will not cause any interference should the power hydraulics fail.

Various finishes are available and the unit can be ordered with the cable running straight out or down. The cable configuration can easily be changed in the field.


Weight: 2.1 lbs. (0-95 kg)

Materials: Die cast silicone bronze and stainless steel hardware

Ordering Information

Model Designations

A Black epoxy base with chrome hub
B All black epoxy
C All chrome
D All polished bronze
1 Cable leading straight out (see diagram below)
2 Cable leading down (see diagram below)

Example: Model 7170 with black epoxy base, chrome hub and the cable leading straight out: 7170-A1.