• Create a 100% waterproof seal when routing cables through decks and bulkhead
• Allow installation and/or removal of cable with connector still attached
• Accommodate wide range of cables
• Rugged, weatherproof glass-filled nylon
• Available in two series:

CCX Series Entry hole pre-drilled in seal with slit to edge allowing feed thru of cable with factory-installed connector attached; multiple glands cover a wide range of cable sizes; one CCX fitting required for each cable.

DX Series Drill holes and slit cable gland as required to accommodate cable with or without factoryinstalled connector. Multiple cables may be passed through a single fitting.

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CCS Series
Model Cable Diameter Range Max Connector Diameter Typical Connector
CCX-R .47″-.59″ 1.57″ Large Radar Plug
CCX-S .35″-.55″ .83″ Small Radar Plugs
CCX-T .18″-.35″ .83″ PL-259, BNC, Wind Instrument Plugs
DX Series
Model Drill-Thru Aperture Max. Connector Diameter
DX-2 1.2” 1.2”
DX-3 1.65” 1.65”
DX-5* 2.0” 2.0”
*Aluminum Housing