This powerful compact and rugged searchlight utilizes Advanced Solid State Electronics Technology. The product is designed for those applications where size, weight and power consumption must be minimized, but High Performance and Safety cannot be compromised. Designed for Patrol Craft, Fast Ferries, Mobile Vehicles, Fixed Land-Based Security Applications and much more. The weathertight sealed drum allows usage in Marine, desert and Severe Weather climates and includes benefits such as High Power Output, Adjustable Beam-Size Focus, Small Footprint, Light Weight, Low Power Consumption, Long Lamp-life, Shatter-proof Reflector and High Infrared Energy Output for Covert Surveillance.


  • 20 Million Candle Power
  • Remote Electric Beam-Size Focus
  • Small Solid State Current Regulated Supply
  • Precision Electro-formed Deep-Dish Reflector made ofIndestructible Bullet-Resistant Nickel
  • Controls: Distant Electric, Lever-Gear or Local Handle
  • Door Interlock Safety Shut-Down Switch
  • Manual Beam-size Focus Knob) provides back-up for focus motor failure)
  • Long-Life Xenon Lamp
  • Sealed Weatherproof Drum
  • Exceeds 360° Span of Rotation
  • Detachable Infrared Filter (Covert Surveillance)
  • 24 Volt DC Input
  • Multiple Control Stations: Interior and OutsideWeatherproof
  • Lamp-Life Hour Counter

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15.75 (400)13.5 (343)20.0 (508)11.38 (289)14.62 (371)10.88 (276)19.0 (482)8.25 (209)

Beam Intensity: 20 Million Candela

Beam Spread: Nominal 1 Degree to 15 Degrees, adjustable throughout continuous spectrum.

Light Efficiency: 57,142 Candela per Watt

Light Source: 350 Watt Xenon Lamp

Color Temperature: 6000 Kelvin (White Color)

Input Power: 115 VAC: 4.5 amps (approx.) 230 VAC: 2.25 amps (approx.)

Reflector: Prevision Electro-formed Nickel with polished Rhodium finish. Diameter = 10.5 inches (267 mm)

Materials: Anti-corrosive Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Power Supply:

Efficient Electronic Current-Regulated Supply. Constant Regulated Current increases lamp-life and keeps searchlight intensity constant despite voltage input changes. Solid State Electronics includes Universal Power Input Feature, providing 115 Volts AC and 230 Volts AC Power Interfaces on the same printed circuit board. Current dimming switch adjusts amperage throughout a continuous spectrum.

Control Stations Dimensions: Inches (mm)

How to Order…Determine searchlight control and read horizontally across table selecting searchlight, power supply and control station. Multiple C3-3 control stations can be used to control the same searchlight. If weatherproof control stations, Infrared filters or 24 Volts are required, consult factory.

Power Supply
Control TypeSearchlight115 Volts or 230 Volts Control Station
Distant ElectricXY3EDE-ARF33PS115 or 3PS230  C3-3
Lever-GearXY3ELG-ARF33PS115 or 3PS230C2-4
LocalXY3EL-AE3PS115 or 3PS230C1-1

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