TB-RSG-8 – 8” Round Sight Glass

8” round marine sight glass complies with U.S. Coast Guard regulations and is suitable for use on all liquid cargo vessels. Mounted adjacent to each cargo valve control handwheel, the TSG-8 gives the tankerman a 56 square inch round viewing port into the compartment without exposure to potentially hazardous vapors.


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Introducing the TB-RSG-8 – an 8-inch round sight glass designed for use on liquid cargo vessels that complies with U.S. Coast Guard regulations. This marine sight glass provides tankermen with a clear, 56 square inch viewing port into the compartment adjacent to each cargo valve control handwheel, allowing them to monitor liquid levels without exposing themselves to potentially dangerous vapors. With its sturdy construction and compliance with safety regulations, the TB-RSG-8 is an essential tool for ensuring safe and efficient liquid cargo transport.

  • Radial wiper cleans the bottom of the glass for an unobstructed view into the cargo compartment. The easily replaced wiper blades are available in Viton, Teflon, EPDM or Butyl.
  • Each 8.5” diameter glass is fully stress relieved with ground edges. The top face of the glass is above the stainless steel frame to prevent water pooling when used during rain.
  • Constructed from 300 series stainless steel and mounts to any standard 8” 150 lb. class mounting flange, having (8) 0.88” diameter holes on a 11.75” diameter bolt circle.