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Timco Model MSG-612, 6” X 12” Marine Sight Glass

Tank Barge mounted adjacent to each cargo compartment control valve, as well as slop and fuel tank tops. The TIMCO MSG-612 Sight Glass provides a LARGE and CLEAR VIEW into tanks for Direct Visual Liquid Level Gauging without exposing personnel to hazardous vapors. Design is based on the experience of Tim Swinney who has been involved in the development and manufacturing of Tank Barge Equipment since the first implementation of OPA 90 Regulations back in 1990.

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  • ALL 300 Series SS CONSTRUCTION including the Weather Cover and separate Deck Mounting Flange. (No Aluminum)
  • The Single 2”TK SS Glass Frame results in a more rigid Glass Frame while yielding lower assembly Weight at only 53LBS.
  • Mono Frame Design places the glass surface up Top so water does not pool on the glass surface. No torque wrench required for assembly.
  • Deck Mounting Flange has a Standard bolt pattern allowing interchangeability with existing old style rectangular sight glasses. Our 3” flange height allows the installer to easily get a wrench on the (12) SS mounting bolts.
  • Borofloat ¾”TK Glass is interchangeable with existing old style rectangular sight glasses so you can Up Grade Glass assemblies to improve sealing performance. Wiper Bushings, Shafts, Wiper Arms and Cartridges are ALL Interchangeable with existing products but with design improvements such as Redundant Bushing Seals.
  • Gasket materials are Graphoil, Teflon, Sealon or Non-Asbestos, as best suited to cargo characteristics.