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SG612 is USCG Accepted and satisfies 46CFR 39.2003 (a) 2. Featuring a single 2” thick SS glass frame has superior strength, yet weighs only 53lbs. The Rigid mono frame design requires no torque wrench for fast simplified assembly without fear of glass breakage.

Glass surface is top flush, so water cannot pool or form surface residue. Deck mounting is taller for wrench access and has a standard bolt pattern for easy exchange. Our ¾” TK Borofloat glass assembly is fully interchangeable with current existing sigh glass frames for upgrade installations. Wiper arms, shafts, bushings handles and cartridges are all unmerchantable for repair/ upgrade use with existing sight glasses.

Easy Installation & UPgrade

Having a common industry bolt pattern and greater flange height, the SG-612 installs easily on new construction or as a Retro-Fit installation upgrade. All stainless steel construction, weighing only 53lbs, the SG-612 is stronger yet lighter by 12lbs than similar sight glasses models.

Innovative Practical Design

Fitted with Timco Double Seal Wiper Bushings, the SG-612 seals well against fugitive emissions. Having engineered the “Glass Envelope” to sandwich the Borofloat Glass between two gaskets being retained by a lightweight keeper plate, Fugitive emissions are further reduced. Exchanging glass assembly is simple, fast and requires no special tools.

Longer Lifespan

Stronger frame design means less glass breakage. All SS construction eliminates issues relating to aluminum weather covers which corrode and stick shut. Each SG-612 is serialized and digitally pressure tested. Test Certificates are in each package and emailed to our clients. Glass exchange without special tools takes about 4 minutes.

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Dimensions & Add-ons


Size of this mounted sight glass is 14”x8”x9” (LxWxD) and only weighs 53lbs total.

Utility & gauging confidence

Satisfying 46CFR paragraph 39-20-2(a) Tankermen using the SG-612 can view cargo levels without breathing harmful vapors.

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